Occupational Therapy is for infants, toddlers and children who have: Development delays due to prematurity, neurological deficits, genetic disorders, feeding problems, learning disabilities, including handwriting and visual-perceptual deficits.


Physical Therapy is for Orthopedic  problems, joint and muscle problems, Developmental delays, low muscle tone/high muscle tone issues, postural dysfunction, torticollis, coordination and balance problems.


Speech Pathology is for Comprehension and use of language, articulation, productions of speech sounds, hearing impairment and processing fluency, voice and resonance during speech.


Occupational, Physical and Speech Therapy

Teton Therapy offers outpatient therapies including Occupational, Physical, and Speech Therapy. Together, we provide single-specialty evaluations as well as interdisciplinary team approach, where multiple specialties see a child during consecutive appointments.